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International Journal of Science and EngineeringJuly-Dec 2023 Vol:2 Issue:2

A Darcy-Brinkman Porous Medium with Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid: The Impact of Suspended Particles on Thermal Convection


This paper examines how suspended particles affect the thermal convection of an incompressible, elastico-viscous Rivlin-Ericksen fluid in a porous media. We use the Brinkman model for the porous medium. Using the normal mode analysis technique, An analytical solution has been found for the dispersion relation. Oscillatory modes are found to be introduced by the gravity field, suspended particles, viscoelasticity, and medium permeability. The system is found to be stabilised by the Darcy number for stationary convection, while it is found to be destabilised by suspended particles and medium permeability. In order to visually represent the stability characteristics, the effects of suspended particles, Darcy number, and medium permeability have also been demonstrated. These results are in good accord with the analytically calculated results and graphically calculated results.


Ruby Rani Gupta, Archana Shukla  ( Pages 47-64 )
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Nehru Gram Bharti (Deemed to be University) Hanuman Ganj, Uttar Pradesh,      DOI:


Viscosity; Viscoelasticity fluid; suspended particles; Rivlin-Ericksen fluid; Brinkman porous medium


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